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Mechanisms Module main features

The Mechanisms Module contains all the theory notes, exercises and animations that students need to learn all about mechanisms in design and technology courses.

Animations and technology theory in the Mechanisms Module

  • mechanical systems and subsystems: example mechanical systems, mechanisms used on a bicycle
  • cams, rotary and linear, cam followers
  • chain and sprocket drive
    • roller chain parts
    • leaf chain parts
    • special chains
  • couplings
    • flanged
    • split
    • flexible
    • universal joint
  • crank mechanisms
  • crank and slider
  • friction used to oppose motion:
    • brakes
    • clamps
    • grips / knurling
  • reducing friction by the use of lubricants and bearings
  • lubrication
  • bearings:
    • plain bearing / bush
    • ball bearing
    • cylinder roller bearing
    • needle roller bearing
    • spherical roller bearing
    • taper roller bearing
    • thrust bearing
  • Gears:
    • transmitting motion and force
    • spur gears, wheel and pinion
    • simple and compound gear train
    • bevel gears
    • worm gear
    • rack and pinion
    • velocity ratio
    • gear shaft velocity
  • levers: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, bell crank lever, cantilever.
  • linkages
  • moments / torque
  • motion: types of motion
  • pulleys and belts:
    • used to transmit motion and torque 
    • change speed of rotation
    • stepped cone pulleys
    • pulley belts used to transport products and people
    • pulley belts used as bandsaws
    • pulleys used for lifting and hauling
  • ratchet and pawl
  • springs
    • compression spring
    • tension spring
    • torsion spring
    • clock spring
    • leaf spring
    • materials used for springs
  • Screws
    • nuts, bolts screws
    • types of nuts, bolts and screws
    • cutting screw threads
    • common thread forms
    • motion control: using screws to control motion
    • ball screws
    • roller screws
    • application of screw mechanisms for clamping, controlling movement, for lifting.

Exercises in the Mechanisms Module

Exercises are in PDF and HTML format. PDF format for easy printing and duplicating, HTML format for interactive exercises and exercises with animations.

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